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I didn’t mean to spend all day baking a rhubarb meringue pie, but here I am.

I didn’t mean to spend all day baking a rhubarb meringue pie, but here I am.

When you go to draw and and it doesn’t work at all but you still waste two hours trying


People forget the Beforan culls-are-raised-by-highbloods thing.

(Coddamn wwrigglers don’t knoww howw good they got it. Wwhy, back in my day—)


How do you kiss a girl with no head?



My extent of investment in the Avengers fandom:

if you don’t think having Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston performing Thor and Loki stories from actual Norse mythology would be the tightest shit ever then what the fuck, no, you are wrong

That is EXACTLY where my brain went with that

Loki gets pregnant all the time. Horse? Check. Ate a witch’s heart? Check. Became a milkmaid, married a mortal farmer and raised kids for a while because hey, why not? Check and check. That’s not even counting the ones he fathered. Dude’s got a pattern.

I feel like it’s important to tell you that I made a very short + stupid visual novel to teach myself to use Ren’py

It’s called Don’t Date Dualscar and is 99% Cronus getting murdered

SA has been down for 36 hours now


This must be what heartbreak feels like.

I don’t know what to do with myself without my daily dose of terrible political cartoons

Rust Eridan goes fishing

Rust Eridan goes fishing

lizardlicks replied to your post: "Whoa hey I have this idea for a visua…

What monsters have you got so far?

A perky headless girl, a jerk merman, and a living shadow(maybe?). I’m thinking maybe a plant-based one but really am not sure. (I’m making this all up as I go along. As a project it’s 99% hey what if I just did a thing, what if that??)

"Whoa hey I have this idea for a visual novel… And Ren’py seems simple enough…"

*spends entire night messing about with ren’py and writing scripts*